The Last Coach West

Introducing the Last Coach West, a unique and dignified way to honor your loved one’s final journey. Our authentic horse-drawn funeral coach adds an elegant touch to any service, from traditional ceremonies to personalized celebrations of life.

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Honoring life’s trails

All of our life’s trails end in the same place, the only difference is how we get there. Hatfield Farm offers a unique and somewhat light hearted way to say good bye in style to someone you loved and who loved life and enjoyed living it to the fullest.

From Prince Albert to Roy Rogers, horse-drawn carriages have been used in funeral processions as a way to express the importance and value of the life being honored.

With absolute professionalism and a sound ability to work swiftly in a timely fashion, our commitment is exactly the same whether you are arranging a large procession or a conservative service.

The Last Coach West internment package will deliver your loved one to their resting place in an authentic horse drawn old west funeral coach, able to accommodate either a casket or urn arrangement.

From traditional military ceremonies and celebrity funerals to families looking to honour their loved ones in this time-honored manner, a horse-drawn funeral coach adds a touch of elegance to any service.

For further details on how you can give your loved one a Last Coach West farewell, call toll free at 1-877-835-5676 or locally call 902-835-5676

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