Off-Site Carriage Rentals

Make your special day memorable with our carriage rentals. Our black and white carriages, complete with horses and drivers in elegant attire, are perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

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Give your special day that fairy-tale feeling with one of our Carriage Rentals!

We have black and white carriages that can be rented for whatever special occasion you might have in mind.

We provide the horse, driver and Just Married sign (for weddings) and our drivers wear white-shirts and top hats to give it that extra flare of elegance!

Pricing is determined on how long you would need the carriage for and where you are planning to have the event. We can typically accommodate any area.

Rentals are based on availability of Hatfield Farm.

Call today to get your official quote. (902)835-5676.

Make your special day a day to remember!