Wedding FAQ

When can I get married at Hatfield Farm?
We do weddings on any day of the week, depending on availability. The typical rental goes from 5pm to 12am, but depending on your budget, these hours can be extended.

How does your pricing work?
Hatfield Farm offers a total package price that is dependent on the expected number of guests and any other additional services that you would like to include. It is not a per person rate. However, should you be given a package price based on a set number of guests, you will then be given a per person rate for any additional guests. Tax and gratuity will be added to your price. We only charge a 15% gratuity on your price before tax.

What decorations are provided by Hatfield Farm?
Reception tables are set with linen table cloths & candles. Mason jars or milk jars are available to be used as vases for centerpieces as well as some artificial flowers, otherwise the bride and groom must supply all other decorations for ceremony and/or reception.

Do we need to help with the set-up and clean-up of the ceremony and/or reception?
No, this is all handled by staff at Hatfield Farm. If you have some special items to be included in the set-up (eg. flowers, favors, table wine, etc), you can bring them to the Farm 24 hours in advance and then the staff will include those items when setting up.

Is Hatfield Farm wheelchair accessible?
Yes, all buildings have ramps and transportation around the Farm can be provided by a company shuttle vehicle.

What transportation is provided to and within Hatfield Farm?
Once guests arrive at the Farm, a horse drawn wagon will transport guests to the ceremony location. If it is raining, a sheltered wagon or bus will be used. Elderly guests and those with special needs can be transported to the ceremony location by company shuttle. The bride is transported by an old fashioned horse drawn carriage. A shuttle is available throughout the night to transport guests back to the front of the farm in case they require an early departure.

Where does our ceremony take place?
Most weddings take place outside at our picturesque lakefront pergola, with winter weddings set inside the lodge by our beautiful stone fireplace. However, this is completely up to you. Benches are provided at the lake site. If it is raining, the ceremony will take place inside the lodge. The tables will be cleared from the immediate area and benches will be provided for the guests.

Do the bride and groom need to provide a minister?
No, Hatfield Farm will provide a Justice of the Peace. However, you bring your own minister to perform the service.

What areas are available for pictures?
There are several locations for photos around the Farm. You can have your picture taken by the lake, in and around the farm buildings, on the mechanical bull, or in the surrounding woods. The horse drawn carriage is provided for ½ hour after the ceremony for pictures. If it is raining on your wedding day, you may take pictures inside our many buildings, or you can leave to go to another location for pictures. The bride and groom are responsible for providing a photographer.

Are plates, cutlery, glassware, and napkins provided by Hatfield Farm?
Yes – all plates, cutlery, glassware, and napkins are provided.

Can we bring in our own food?
No, we must provide all the food for your event (except your wedding cake).

What food is typically provided?
Guests typically have their choice of hip of beef, salmon, chicken or vegetarian lasagna. All choices are served with garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, coleslaw, and fresh baked bread. Dessert is also provided. Guests select their choice when they RSVP your invitation final guest numbers and meal choices must be provided to us at least 7 days prior your wedding. Depending on your budget, we can also provide appetizers and/or snacks (eg. vegetable trays, nachos, chips, wings, etc) throughout the night. The wedding cake is to be provided by the bride and groom, but staff will cut it and serve it if so desired.

What drinks are provided by Hatfield Farm?
We provide guests with unlimited water, juice, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Depending on your budget, we can also include a punch or similar type of beverage. Ice is provided by the Farm.

Is alcohol allowed at Hatfield Farm?
Hatfield Farm is not licensed, therefore, guests are welcome to bring their own. No glass bottles are allowed on the property, so all alcohol must be in cans, plastic, or cardboard containers. We do make an exception for table wine during dinner which may be provided by the bride and groom only. Hatfield Farm will chill your wine in advance, cork it, and place it on the tables when guests are seated. We can also provide old fashioned wash bins filled with ice for the guests to keep their alcohol in throughout the evening.

Will we need to provide a DJ?
No, our DJ will be provided by Hatfield Farm until approximately midnight. Our DJ offers a large selection of music along with satellite radio. You may also provide special songs on a USB stick format to our DJ (ceremony, first dance, etc.). If you would like the music to continue past midnight, please provide own device player which can be connected to our sound system. Speakers are set up both inside and out and each area is volume controlled. A cordless microphone is av
ailable for speeches during the reception..

What overnight accommodations are available for the bride and groom as well as the guests?
The bride and groom can stay for free in our Hillbilly Honeymoon Suite provided a minimum of 25 guests spend the night. Our accommodations are mostly double occupancy consisting of two bunkhouses that sleep up to 16 people in each, 3 cabins each with common living room and 4 private bedrooms and sleep 8-10 people in each, as well as sites for tents are available for wedding guests. Check-out is at 10:00 am. A hearty farmer’s breakfast served at 9:00 am is included in your stay. Please inquire about pricing. Please note that all overnight guests (including the bride and groom) must bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. If 25 or more guests book to stay overnight, you and your guests will be the only ones at the Farm for the entire night, and the party (bonfires, music, etc) can go as late as you want.

Is Hatfield Farm insured against accidents and theft?
Hatfield Farm is insured against accidents, but not theft. Due to the nature of some of the activities available at the Farm, all guests must sign a waiver upon arrival.

What is the procedure for a typical wedding/reception?
Typically, guests arrive for 5:00 pm and are greeted by our friendly staff, asked to sign a waiver then given a meal ticket and a ticket to get on the horse drawn wagon that takes them to the ceremony site. Soon after, the bride and her bridal party are brought in by horse drawn carriage. The ceremony lasts about 15 minutes. After the ceremony, the bride & groom are whisked away for a few minutes of alone time while we ask your guests to head over to the lodge or the Rubber Rodeo for some fun. The bride and groom are returned to the ceremony site for photographs with the wedding party and family. Once photos are finished, guests are seated in the lodge for dinner. The bridal party is introduced and seated and then dinner is served. Speeches can be given throughout or after dinner, which is followed by the cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss and “first dances” . Once all of this has taken place, the dance starts in the lodge, the Rubber Rodeo reopens, and the bon-fires are lit outside. Of course, all of this can be adjusted to meet your desires.

What bathroom facilities are available?
The men’s and women’s bathrooms are located in a separate building just a few steps from the lodge. Diaper change stations are provided in the bathrooms along with showers.

What other things are included in my wedding at Hatfield Farm?
Hatfield Farm’s Rubber Rodeo is available throughout the night for all wedding guests. This is a separate building from the lodge, which offers activities such as a mechanical bull, a gladiator game, a children’s bounce gym, etc. A mini-golf course is located outside the Rubber Rodeo. Hatfield Farm also has fire pits that are surrounded by seating for over one hundred people. These fire pits will be lit and cared for by staff throughout the night. We offer a wishing well for cards and registry barrel for guest signing book, and we will also store and pack any other wedding gifts you receive throughout the night.

Can you provide references?
Yes, we can give you contact information to couples who have agreed to provide references.

Do you offer special rates for children?

Yes, children under the age of two are free and not included in your contract number.

For further information and/or assistance in planning your special day with Hatfield Farm,
please call us at (902) 835-5676